God Space is where everyone belongs, a place where we offer welcome and radical acceptance, like God does. We are a community centered on genuine connection and heartfelt prayer, seeking to foster inclusivity in a fragmented world.

We’re not a church, but some of us go to church. Some of us don’t. Some of us are religious, and some are spiritual but not religious. We are diverse followers of Jesus, seeking growth, unity, acceptance, and a deeper spirituality. We are questioners and doubters, seekers and searchers. And together we find God.

Is this what you’re looking for? The door is open. Come as you are. You belong here.

Small Groups

God Space small group.jpg

Small groups are some of the best stuff we do at God Space! In our groups, we use Scripture as a springboard to share about our faith and our lives. Through our sharing and listening, our prayer and presence, we deepen our relationships with each other and with God. We hold a safe space of radical acceptance and find commonality in our shared experiences.

We have two groups happening now: one that meets on Thursday evenings and one for young adult women that meets on Mondays. Email us at GodSpace@GodSpaceCommunity.com to join.

Scripture Reflections

Each week we reflect on the Sunday readings for the coming week, relating them to our lives.

You can read our reflections by clicking “Blog” at the top or the button below.

This week we’ll talk about leadership and how communities stand together in mutual support.



Our last event was a prayer and potluck, and our next one will be Spirituality and Stranger Things. There are many connections between the Netflix series Stranger Things and spirituality, so let's get together and talk about them! We’re in the process of scheduling this super fun event, so stay tuned!

We have other spiritual and social events coming up, so stay tuned! Feel free to peruse pics from our past events here!

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God Space is a ministry sponsored by the Sisters of Divine Providence of Kentucky, an international congregation of Catholic Sisters.

To learn more about God Space, the Sisters or Associates of Divine Providence, or spiritual direction, email Sister Leslie Keener, CDP at GodSpace@GodSpaceCommunity.com.